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Star Wars Value Box


A Good Themed Combo: The creators of this Star Wars Value Box put all the daily useful items in one box. The wallet, a pair of socks, pen,notebook and a water bottle, all of which have the Star Wars theme on them.

Amazing Design: The design of each and every item in the value box is unique and intricate. The color combination used for each and every item in the value box is also attractive. The cover of the notebook has the Star Wars mask which make the item stand out. This Star Wars Value Box has 5 different gift items in it. Each and every item has been uniquely and intricately designed. The colour combination used for the items are also very attractive and the items are made of high premium quality which is good for daily use.

The Star Wars franchisee depicts the adventures of characters that existed a long time ago in a faraway galaxy in which many humans and aliens co-existed with robots. It’s an American epic space opera multimedia franchisee 1977 film.