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Holiday Female Duck - design by LILALU

Holiday Female Duck - design by LILALU

SKU: LI2159

Love Mojito

Always crunchy tanned and in a bikini, our holidaymaker squeaky duck is at home on the beaches of this world. Full time teacher, this duck enjoys her holidays far away from home. Thanks to her many travels and visits to innumerable hotel bars, this squeaky lady knows all cocktails by name and recipe and in case of emergency she can also be a substitute bartender. Rumor has it that she always had sunscreen cream in addition to her sunglasses.

Always crunchy brown and well-known at all cocktail bars, our holidaymaker Duck knows how to enjoy the holiday and experiences something every day on vacation.

Size: 9 x 8.5 x 8 cm (W x H x D) 
Weight: 0.05 kg

Rubber duck approx 6-8 cm - Collectible rubber ducks designed by Lilalu. Each duck is free of toxic ingredients, and therefore also suitable for babies and toddlers.