Joshua Bear - Suki Silver Tag Series 4


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Silver Tag 4 Joshua Bear Collectible Limited Edition Teddy from Suki


Joshua Bear - £64.99 rrp

(Limited to 1,500pcs worldwide)

17�� (43.2cm)

Made of Soft-Luxe material, Joshua is a combination of multi-tone brown base colour with ivory and cream layers complete with black tips. His distinctive features consist of soft boa paw pads with dark brown toe features with dimples on each the foot pads, as well as a shaved muzzle on the upper and front parts, giving him a beaded effect on the sides of his face.

Joshua is fully jointed, heavily weighted with beans and wears a thick dark brown suedette neck tie with wooden beads. An 8 sided hang tag is attached to his left ear and a unique hand numbered Certificate of Authenticity in protective sleeve adorns his neck. Joshua can be recognised as a member of the Silver Tag® Bear family by the exclusive silver fabric tag stitched to his left foot pad.

Joshua comes wrapped in Silver Tag® Bears tissue paper and can be transported home in his very own stylish cardboard carry box�� complete with air holes of course.

Please note that Joshua is a collector's item suitable for 14 years of age and over.

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