Large Cupcake Bath Fizz - Flower Power 145-185 grams

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Banoffee Pie- Our own mixture of bakery smell...Hmmmm good enought to eat smell! ohhhh no! DONT! strictly for bath indulgence only!

These delicious  solid cupcake moisture rich bath fizz that will softens the water, moisturizes your skin, smells amazing, adds bubbles, all while soaking up the many relaxing natural salts in your bath.

Large cupcakes weigh approximately 145-185 grams (weight depends on design), 

If you want to enjoy it more, break it up into pieces and enjoy two baths out of one.

How to Use: Simply remove the cupcake case (if any) before use. Drop the bottom part under warm running water for the ultimate bath indulgence spa. The bottom part fizzes,releases fragrances and sweetens the air. The top part does not fizz but is fully packed with butters and oils, Crumble it in a bath tub and use it as a luxurious body sugar scrub.

WARNING: May cause your bath tub to become slippery! Keep away from children.

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