Mallard Bath Duck


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The ultimate in rubber ducks, this Mallard Rubber Duck is the true king of bathtime. 


A duck toy to make time in the tub more fun, the Mallard Bath Duck will float on the surface of the water for some charming company while soaking up the suds at bathtime. 


A new spin on the classic traditional rubber duck, this is a bathtime companion that isn't afraid to show its true colours. Featuring a brown body and instantly recognizable green head with orange beak, the duck is designed in the style of the wild drake (a male mallard), traditionally seen around ponds, parks, and wetlands around the world. The mallard is one of the most easily distinguished and popular birds around thanks to its distinctive colourings. The Mallard Rubber Duck captures the charm of this ubiquitous feature of the countryside, and brings a bit of wildlife home for a fun and amusing bathtime gift. 


A great gift for lovers of original thinking, the Mallard Rubber Duck is a new gift in the Bathtime Fun range from Paladone. Bathtime Fun aims to make time spent soaking up the suds more enjoyable than ever with great new gifts designed and delivered.


The Mallard Rubber Duck is not suitable for children under 12 months.

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