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Minis - Lemonade Bottles

SKU: MH11008

The best Mini’s to complete your very own Mouse Mansion. These lemonade bottles are the perfect addition to any mouse café. Set up tiny terrace tables with a bottle or two each. Also amazing mouse picknick features. The best miniatures to use as the finishing touch to your mouse kitchen.

These Mini’s are perfectly sized for our Mouse Mansion playhouse. Some of them even have a sticker sheet with tiny labels included, making the miniature object even more realistic. The beautifully authentic materials make these miniatures special. The glasses are made of glass. The mugs and plates are made of genuine porcelain. The pans, the cutlery and the iron are made of metal. No plastics allowed!

As these Mini’s were manufactured in a bead factory, they are truly finished down to the detail.

Content: 4 lemonade bottles with sticker sheet
Bottle measurements: 2.8 cm
Stickers measurements: 1 cm
Scale: 1:12
Colors bottles: Light blue, pink, orange and green
Material bottles: Plastic
Certification: CE
Packaging measurements: 7.7 x 4.2 x 1.7 cm