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Roman Duck - design by LILALU

Roman Duck - design by LILALU

SKU: LI2152

Hard shell soft core

A spear in the right and a small shield in the left hand. Our strong Roman does not need anything more to protect the realm of squeaky ducks. He does everything for his people and bravely fights through every battle! But here, too, the saying goes that a soft shell hides under a hard shell. His armor protects his soft heart and especially his chic tunic.

Did you know that the Legionnaire's helmet also served to make him look taller? Would our Roman squeak duck go through with it as a XXL duck?

Size: 9 x 8.5 x 8 cm (W x H x D) 
Weight: 0.05 kg

Rubber duck approx 6-8 cm - Collectible rubber ducks designed by Lilalu. Each duck is free of toxic ingredients, and therefore also suitable for babies and toddlers.