Silver Tag Series 2 Jack Bear Collectible Limited Edition Teddy from Suki


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Suki Silver Tag Series 2 -

Jack Bear - £69.99 rrp

(Limited to 1,500pcs worldwide)

19" (48.3cm)

Made of multi-tone Soft-Luxe material, Jack has a rich brown base colour with black and white striped effect layers and tips.  Jack's inner ears and paw pads are a complimenting tan brown colour and he has embossed finger and toe features.

Jack is fully jointed, heavily weighted with beans and wears a rich burgundy red taffeta cravat around his neck.  An 8 sided hang tag is attached to his left ear and a unique hand numbered tag of authenticity in protective sleeve adorns his neck.  Jack can be recognised as a member of the Silver Tag® Bear family by the exclusive silver fabric tag stitched to his left foot pad.

Jack is sold with two sheets of Silver Tag® Bears tissue paper and cardboard carry box.

Please note that Jack is a collectors item suitable for 14 years of age and over.

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