Super XL Latex Rubber Duck black From Lanco Ducks


SKU: L2605

Collectible Duck Product from Lanco

For those who still have room in their tub and there do not want to be alone, the Super XL-Duck is the right swimming partner: She listens during boring conversations patiently, looking up with her cute eyes and loves the waves you create in the bath.Who can resist that?
Dimensions: 19.7 x 15 x 18.5cm
Lanco has produced rubber ducks for more than 50 years. Our ducks are therefore a real gift design classic. The wide range of character ducks are a perfect unusual and surprising present for many occasions. Whether you want the Secret Santa to send a personal note to your colleagues or simply charm children of all ages ? our little friends are just the thing to give. Loved by adults and children alike, these small ducks always add a personal note.

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