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The Mouse Mansion - Doors and Windows kit

SKU: MH02009

Have you been inspired to build your very own Mouse Mansion? Then one thing you'll need is lots of miniature doors and windows. We've developed a DIY kit to make sure you'll be able to add doors and windows in the style of the original Mouse Mansion. 

What's in the kit?
- 5 miniature doors
- 30+ miniature windows
- 2 x 5 shutters
- miniature doorbells
- miniature nameplates
- miniature house numbers
- miniature mailboxes

The miniature furniture is divided over four wooden sheets with an FSC certification. All the parts are easily pushed out of the sheets, as they are pre-cut. This kit has been designed by Karina and Tom Schaapman, the creators of the original Mouse Mansion.

These furniture pieces are the real deal! Watch the youtube tutorials and learn how to easily assemble these pieces and decorate them.

 The Mouse Mansion is so much more than a dollhouse for mice with miniature furniture; it is a world in itself

Scale: 1:12
Material: wood
Certificate: CE
Measurements packaging: 23 x 18,5 x 1,5 cm