Bud Ducks

The Australian brand Bud is part of Design Room Group, located in South Yarra, Australia.

The brand is the brain-child of Simon Pithie, formerly of Australia's successful Room Interior Products. Bud as a brand can best be described as fun and funky with a twist of humour and made for everyBUDdy feeling young and enthusiastic!

The first Bud-collection was launched in 2005 and introduced inspirational, affordable and upbeat gifts and home wares. The products are brilliantly packaged, ready to give away to everyBUDdy!

The design team put all their ideas into creating a cool, colourful collection, alive with vibrancy and personality. The collection is categorised into three exciting product ranges: Fun, Bathroom and Lifestyle.

The Bathroom products include fun accessories that put the fun back into bathing, with modern designs to decorate and liven up any bath times! One item worth highlighting is the whole family of classic, luxury bath ducks each with their own character and custom design that are splashing to collect.

All Bud products come in matching BUDdy boxes for everyBUDdy's real-life personality and alter ego. Tried and tested for a smile factor, No smile? No good! Therefore Bud gifts and home wares are guaranteed to be a winner!

Bud Ducks