About us

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Shop 4 Ducks is a business which started trading in 2011.

Our aim is to be 'The Place' to buy all your Rubber Duck and Duck themed products. We also sell on Amazon and on Ebay.

We also sell a range of bath products for you to enjoy a sensual Bathroom experience whilst surrounded by your Rubber Duck. These are listed in our Heavenly Bath Section:

We aim to provide customers with affordable - high quality products.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable. We aim to reduce all unneccessary packaging, although to keep your products as fresh as possible we do have to package our products.

New Products

Shop 4 Ducks strives to bring new products to the site. We also welcome any ideas you the customer may wish to see within our product range.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to continually develop new product lines which may be exclusive to Shop 4 Ducks.

Promotional codes and offers

Shop 4 Ducks aims to bring you the customer further savings via promotional codes.

Promotional codes will be sent via email or via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Shop4Ducks

Promotional codes can be entered at the checkout page and will reduce your order amount by the percentage of discount awarded.

We will use email addresses which you have provided upon registration, to send promotional codes and any offers we believe may interest you.

Contact us

Please use the following email to contact us:  shop4ducks@gmail.com



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