Our Suite of Business Offerings

Shop4Ducks Ltd has been trading for many years now and has enabled us to create several branded e-commerce stores using Shopify. We have diversified from general e-commerce into personalisation and a physical retail store. Each of these brands has their own social media presence and integration into the ecommerce store. 



Shop4Ducks is our online mail order platform brand




We do all of our personalised goods on this online site -> However we have now incorporated CreateAKeepsake products into the Shop4Ducks store so that we can manage our business better. The website link will take you to a page on the Shop4Ducks site.




This is our physical retail store in Shrewsbury where you can find all of the gifts that are shown on this store. If you want to order and collect in person that then is possible at checkout by selecting Local Collection.




Physically located in our Shrewsbury Duck Store this is where you can buy all things Shrewsbury (as well as ordering them online!). Perfect for local tourist mementoes and some beautifully inspired local artwork.




We now offer eCommerce Coaching and Consulting services for Shopify and Social Media integration as well as website maintenance and other technical services. As of April 2022, this project has now been placed on hold but information can still be seen on the site.