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Hatching Dino in the egg

SKU: L1123
Hatching Dinosaur baby is a colourful dog toy that is guaranteed to keep them entertained at home or in the park. It’s perfect for all kinds of play like fetch and suitable for small & medium-sized dogs. Dinosaur is in green and yellow colour and easy for any dog breed to see, it’s also the right size and shape for them to catch and carry about in their jaws. This pet toy lets out a gentle squeak when squeezed or squashed which will get your pet excited encouraging independent play... * Hand made with 100% natural rubber * Hand-painted with food-grade dyes, non-toxic, PVC and BPA free * Funky design, bright colours * Lightweight, durable, gentle squeak * Perfect catch and play pet toy. * Ideal for small and medium-size dogs * Not a chew toy! * Product code: 1123