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Rubber Duck - Golf Design by MBW

SKU: MBW1573

This squeaky toy from the Magic Duck series is called Golf and hopelessly lost his ball in one of the moats. As a result, it now swims in bathtubs in search of its missing balls. Get involved with this likeable athlete and support him in his search. If you want your rubber duck to always be clearly identified as yours, even when diving, you can have it printed. The Duck Golf is a wonderful gift for all sports enthusiasts who also love variety in the water. Children will love the little peaked hat and the cute bats and will immediately start looking for them with their new friend. But the Golf duck is also a hit as a collector's item and will certainly cut a fine figure in your home with the other ducks from the Magic Duck series.

item details

  • Product dimensions:
    Length: 8.50 cm
    Broad: 7.00 cm
    Height: 7.00 cm
  • Material:
    Material: PVC
  • Weight:47g