Harry Ponder - Young Wizard By Celebriducks - Limited Edition


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CelebriDucks is pleased to present HARRY PONDER, a rubber ducky dressed up as a precocious school boy with a secret identity.

He's a collectible and limited edition piece of toy art, with a mop top of hair, circle glasses, prep school uniform, and armed with his own book and ordinary magic wand. 

Whether you're in a nice warm bath, relaxing by a mystical lake, or up against the face of evil with nothing but your wits and a small stick, your HARRY PONDER duck will always be there to bring a smile to your face and as a reminder that you can overcome anything with a bit of help from friends (and amazing luck). Bathe different and fly above of the flock with your Harry Ponder and the Ducky Shallows Ducky.

CelebriDucks COSTUME QUACKERS are all dressed up with SOMEwhere to go, your bathtub. Recommended for everyone ages 1 year and up, and packaged in wizard fantasy castle themed gift box. Exducko Pondrunem!

This Original Collectible Celebrity Rubber Duck comes in an exquisitely designed gorgeous collectible gift box - Height 14cm - Width 10cm and Depth 12cm

Exquisitely Detailed Limited Edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks of The Greatest Icons of Film Music History and Athletics

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