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Loopy Lines - By Michael Carding

SKU: MC001

Loopy Lines is a simple collection of poems about Shrewsbury and its
surroundings. Some are descriptive, some reflective and some fanciful, including
five sagas telling tales rooted in real places with real people but veering off into
the imagination. They are poems which are written with love, read for fun and
suitable to be recited out loud.

Michael Carding's latest collection is a cherished tribute to his home in Shrewsbury. He lovingly describes the streets and statues, the churches and the shuts. He introduces us to the characters ( are they fact or fiction?) and weaves tangled tales to bring the place to life. Within the loop or further afield, the buildings and people resonate with their river.

Some of the sixteen poems are a serious reflection on tradition and culture. Most are light-hearted and amusing. Many were written to be performed at local events and they are published with an invitation for others to recite at home and in public.