Mr Green Recycled Green Duck Rubber Duck - By Celebriducks - Limited Edition


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Recycled Green Duck


Introducing the world's first 100% recycled "Green" rubber duck, Mr. Green!!

Made from environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable material

All packaging is made from 100% recycled material, too. Make bath time fun a learning experience for your child.

Mr. Green can help teach about reducing our impact on the Earth. "Helping To Save The Earth One Duck At A Time™" Mr. Green, being all recycled, will have a rougher look and feel than our other ducks. Also, since we have to use blow molding as opposed to rotational molding with the recycled material, he does have a seam.

This Original Collectible Celebrity Rubber Duck comes in an exquisitely designed gorgeous collectible gift box - Height 14cm - Width 10cm and Depth 12cm

Exquisitely Detailed Limited Edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks of The Greatest Icons of Film Music History and Athletics

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