Pinocchio Rubber Duck- By Celebriducks - Limited Edition


SKU: CD81033

Sold out and retired by the Manufacturer.


The Adventures of Pinocchio is a story about an animated puppet, talking crickets, boys who turn into mules and other fairy tale devices that would be familiar to a reader of Alice in Wonderland or Brothers Grimm; in fact earlier in his career Collodi worked on a translation of Mother Goose. Comes in a beautiful custom display gift box.

Now every rubber duck is made overseas. Celebriduck are bringing the whole rubber duck and loon industry, for that matter, right back to America where it was all invented.

The amount of hand work needed to create and paint each one is extraordinary.

It has actually cost them over five times as much to make them there!

They are proud to be the only company making rubber ducks and loons, in the USA with their new Hatched in the USA loon being the first of many.

This Original Collectible Celebrity Rubber Duck comes in an exquisitely designed gorgeous collectible gift box - Height 14cm - Width 10cm and Depth 12cm

Exquisitely Detailed Limited Edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks of The Greatest Icons of Film Music History and Athletics

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