Pork Chopper - 100% made in USA Rubber Duck - By Celebriducks - Limited Edition


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Pork Chopper - 100% made in USA

The traditional soft floating yellow rubber duck was actually invented in America. Now every rubber duck is made overseas. Celebriducks brought the whole rubber duck industry right back to America where it was all invented.
The amount of hand work needed to create and paint each biker duck is extraordinary. Every one is individually unique in it's hand painting and shape and has a rough painted biker appearance that looks like he just came in from a long bike ride and is ready for a bath! 
It has actually cost thems over five times as much to make them here but we are proud to be the only company making rubber ducks here once again. The Pork Chopper biker duck comes with a custom hang-tag as opposed to a box and is for both bikers and non-bikers everywhere!

This Original Collectible Celebrity Rubber Duck does not come in a gift box

Exquisitely Detailed Limited Edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks of The Greatest Icons of Film Music History and Athletics

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