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Resident Evil Mr X TUBBZ Cosplaying Collectible Duck

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Resident Evil Mr X TUBBZ Cosplaying Collectible Duck

    • Official Resident Evil merchandise.
    • Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs.
    • TUBBZ – your favourite video game, movie, TV show, and comic book characters come to life as cosplaying ducks.
    • Collect them all –  11 to collect in the Resident Evil TUBBZ range.
    • Includes a removable fedora hat and comes in a collector’s bathtub display box, featuring the Resident Evil logo and the ability to stack on top of other TUBBZ.
    • Premium collectibles – highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.
    • Approximately 3.54” (9cm) tall when outside of tub display stand (some may vary).


    You had better find a hiding place to lay low as Umbrella’s formidable mutant T-00 Tyrant (aka Mr. X) is on the hunt! He is remarkably less intimidating as a duck though, so you’ll have a better chance of surviving. Probably. This officially licensed collectible is part of the TUBBZ range, a highly collectible series of your favourite gaming, movie, TV show, and pop culture characters in duck form! Featuring incredibly detailed features, this amazing collectible comes complete in a displayable tub box and includes a removable fedora hat.

    Quick, find somewhere to hide! The terrifying T-00 Tyrant and ruthless killing machine Mr. X is coming this way! Oh wait—he’s… a duck? Suddenly, he’s not so scary. Including a removable fedora hat and boxed in an awesome displayable ‘Resident Evil’ tub display stand, this one-of-a-kind collectible is great for fans of the series to stock up on.