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Rubber duck beach chair - rubber duck

SKU: L978

Lanco has been producing rubber ducks made from natural latex for over 50 years. This is likely to make the Lanco rubber duck, the oldest mass-produced squeaky bath duck in the world. The mother of all rubber ducks, so to speak.

A beach chair is a piece of seating furniture that is usually made of wood or plastic and is placed on the beach or in gardens. Beach chairs are usually designed to protect against sunlight and wind and allow you to sit comfortably. They often have a backrest, armrests and a small storage area for objects.

Some beach chairs also come with sliding windows or curtains to increase protection from the elements. Beach chairs are particularly popular in North and Baltic Sea resorts and are often rented out to offer holidaymakers a convenient place to relax and sunbathe.

Dimensions: L: 9.5 cm W: 7 cm H: 10 cm

Squeak hole: Yes

Floats upright: No

Material: latex Recommended age: For K