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Rubber Duck Snowman - rubber duck

SKU: BDT1023

Snowman rubber duck with blue scarf and red earmuffs Okay, here's a fun guide on how to build a snowman: Go somewhere where there's plenty of snow. (Tip: If you live in a warm climate, you can also use an ice cube, but the effect won't be quite as good.) Roll three balls of approximately the same size out of snow. The first ball should be a bit bigger than your head, the second ball should be a bit smaller than your head, and the third ball should be as big as your fists. Place the three balls on top of each other and push them together so that they are firmly tied together.

Dimensions: L: 8.5 cm W: 7 cm H: 7.5 cm

Squeak hole: Yes

Floats upright: No

Material: vinyl

Recommended age: For children aged 18 months and over