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Dinosaur Blue Cubby - Sir Monty

Dinosaur Blue Cubby - Sir Monty


Dinosaur Blue Cubby - Sir Monty

12" blue dinosaur with removable stuffing pod.

Hello, my name is Sir Monty, and I am a Dinosaur and I am going to be Your Forever Friend. Tyrannosaurus comes from the Greek words meaning 'tyrant lizard', while the word 'rex' means 'king' in Latin. I love to be cuddled and played with.

All our Cubbies are hand crafted and personalised just for you. We can personalise them for any occasion: Birth, Christening, Birthday, Wedding to name a few. They can even have a Special Message for the One You Love. Your personal message is expertly embroidered onto the front of the cubby, or on the ears of the dumble elephant.

Each and every Cubby is made for maximum safety OEKO Tex 100 Certified, durability and washability. Cubbies have removable stuffing pods making them machine washable, so they can be easily cleaned after every adventure. Each Cubby has embroidered eyes and mouth, is fully tested and certified and approved for all ages. But don't just take our word for it, make your personalised Cubby today and see for yourself.

These can be Gift Wrapped in Cellophane, Inserted into a Large Balloon, or attached to a bunch of Balloons for a real WOW factor. Please note - these options are only available for collection from our Shop in Shrewsbury.