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The Mouse Mansion Little Mouse dolls Triplets

SKU: MH03012

With these little mouse dolls the stories of the Mouse Mansion will really come to life. Recreate the stories of the Triplets from the books and bring them wherever you go.

Who are the Triplets?
The Triplets live in the Mouse Mansion. They are Sam’s little brothers and sister. The Triplets love to go to the playground, where they build sandcastles in the sandbox. They also love to go shopping with mom and dad. You should always watch these three little mice, before you know it they’ll crawl in different directions! You can read all about their adventures in the Mouse Mansion series.

The Triplets are 8 cm tall, practically indestructible and cuddly soft.

Material: cotton and polyester
Certificate: CE
Measurements doll: 8 cm
Measurements packaging: 5 x 15 x 21 cm
Weight: 100 gr

Join Sam and Julia on their adventures in the Mouse Mansion